Print on Print

I’ve been wanting to do print-on-print ever since. I hope I pulled it off! 🙂 

I love the unique cut and style of this blouse! Not to mention, it’s floral too! <3 Decided to match it with this gorgeous red floral skirt as well to try out a print on print style!

Can’t get enough of this necklace! 

Red & blue accessories to complement my outfit!

Yay for new ribbon flats! <3

What do you think of my floral print on print look? Comments are loved! 

Hype my look here.

Ribbon Flats: Cole Vintage
Floral Ring: Fashion Trends Co
Red Belt Bracelet: Fashion Trends Co
Red Sunflower Print Skirt: The Berries
Blue Floral Blouse: Pustura Manila

Thank you so much to all these shops/sponsors! <3

Author: sophiemos

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