Red Instinct

Today was such a great day! It started great because school was suspended (read: sleeeeeep and no exam results), I got to chill and bond with my bro, Abs and got some amazing news at the end of the day! I swear, this is the lifeeeee! #summer

Me and Abs went to chill at Fort. I swear, I wish the whole Philippines was like Fort. Orderly, clean, chill and easy.

What I wore: 

Clothes for the Goddess Dress | Fab & Chic Bucket Bag

I love this dress that Clothes for the Goddess sent me a few weeks ago! I love this shade of red. And even if it may look hot because it’s long-sleeved, it’s not at all! The cloth is light but not too thin. The ruffles on the top part of the dress also makes it more cute and different compared to the usual polo dresses.

So glad I found this necklace! Been searching for one for so long!

This outfit was inspired by these Leopard earrings The Bling Galaxy sent me! If you didn’t notice my ears are reaaaally small, lol. /random

So I got my new Leopard loafers from Satchi to match them!

And wore a leopard belt too!

It was so hard to take these pictures because of the wind! It kept blowing away and ruining my hair! Haha! So after several shots of fighting it, we just went with it, as seen in the photos below! Haha!

Rockin’ that kachupay. Lol.

Blown away!

Photos by Abs. Post-processing by me. 🙂

Hype my look here.

What do you think of my outfit? Let me know! 🙂

P.S. To those who have been sending me messages on Tumblr Ask, I can only answer them on March 31. If you want faster replies comment under my posts instead. 🙂

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