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I’m the type of girl who needs her weekly or at least monthly R&R. A simple mani-pedi fix is a simply way I get to treat myself after a stressful week at school/work. I finally found a new favorite nail salon, Beauty&Butter and because I can’t sum it up in just a few words why – read on!


Super cute and cozy chairs!


First, as you can see Beauty&Butter uses only sanitized tools. They actually make you sign beforehand a sealed pack filled with fresh and clean tools. This is the first time I’ve encountered a salon that does this and it’s definitely a huge check for an OC girl like me. Dirty tools = infections!



I experienced the Perfect Match Butter Deal which consisted of a gel mani, regular pedi and foot spa. I only had gel nails once before this and was surprised to have it done so fast this time (even faster drying time than ordinary mani)! Not only is it done quickly but it lasts long, around 2-3 weeks! My regular mani chips off in less than a week so I can’t help but start peeling them off entirely (bad habit, I know!) but gel makes it so much harder – which is a good thing, haha!



For the foot spa, you can choose from a set of different creams – I got something minty! Your soles will thank you for this!


Oh, I also brought along Martin who enjoyed the Zoya Naked Mani-Pedi for men. Your guy needs some pampering too! Seriously though, dirty fingernails can be such a huge turn-off…. well for me at least, haha.


My go-to color – white nails can match anything!


Since it was the holiday season then, I decided to match my nails to the occasion!


Can you see how relaxed I am? Lol. I just went back this month and can’t wait to make this a regular monthly routine! I visited their SM Megamall branch located at the 5/L Bridgeway. See this for their complete list of branches.

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