Save the Best for Last

From last Monday till Thursday, I was out for a 4-day retreat in Baguio with my class. Our first stopover was at Tarlac, where most of us had lunch at Pancake House.

Pancake House, you will be forever remembered. Around 12:30pm, DLSUCET results came out. Everyone was panicking, trying to get internet connection, contacting their parents, etc. There were tears, relief, shouts, but most of all, comfort. There was comfort knowing that no matter what the results were, there were our friends by our side.

Good news: I have a college! Yay!

The moment we arrived in the retreat house, we had to surrender our phones, camera, iPods and other gadgets so we could focus and not get distracted. Goodbye technology! Hello to some intense bonding with God and friends! Here are some pictures I was able to take when we were allowed to finally get our gadgets:

Roasted marshmallows, mhmm.


Hello to swollen eyes from all the crying. 

This last retreat (in high school) hit me. I keep saying that I can’t wait to graduate and everything but now I realize that I only have 2 MONTHS till high school ends and 2 MONTHS left with these amazing people. Sometimes we are too caught up about the destination, that we forget the most important part, the journey. As I’m approaching this destination, I have mixed feelings. Okay, tama na drama, will save that for grad post. Haha! Again, thank you God for the BEST and last retreat EVER (in spite of the food poisoning curse). Love you forever Four-One! <3 

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