#SephoraSelected: Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

Happy to be doing another review for Sephora Philippines (first review here)! This time featuring the #SephoraSelected brand of the month – Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu is an American brand, established way back in 1967. I can’t believe I have never heard of this brand and that my boyfriend knew and even used this brand before (definitely such a noob in all things beauty, lol).



I’ll be reviewing three products – Elbow & Heel Smoothing Cream, Eye Make-up Remover Gel (non-oily), and Summer Shine Body Lotion.


Summer Shine Body Lotion (Php 704) 

If there is one skin care product I am very picky about and would not use if I didn’t have to, it would be lotion. I just hate the sticky feeling that makes me want to take a shower immediately after applying. Who else can relate? Haha. This Summer Shine Body Lotion though is anything but that! The texture is very light – feels like I’m not wearing lotion at all. It also has a delicious unique buttery smell that reminds me of summer and is not overpowering.


Here’s a photo when applied. If look closely, you can see that my skin is sparkling! If there’s one thing missing about this product, it would be SPF/sun protection. I would probably wear this everyday if it protected my skin too! 


Eye Make-up Remover Gel (non-oily) (Php 540)

I usually remove my make-up using make-up wipes. I find it convenient and easier since it removes anything and everything – foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, etc. all together. However, most of the time residue is left especially from eye make-up that’s much harder to wipe off. My waterproof mascara is the toughest one!


To apply it, you just need to squeeze a small portion on a cotton pad to moisten it then press the pad gently on your eyelids and lashes in a downward direction. After application, I was pleasantly surprised that there was NO STINGING feeling at all. I’ve tried a lot of of make-up removers focusing on the eye area before but I never use them again because it stings my eyes (mahapdi). Also, true to it’s claim it is “non-oily”, unlike the liquid make-up removers I’ve tried which make me look like a frying pan after, lol. Instead of feeling clean, I feel gross after using these liquid types.

I’m very impressed with this product that I won’t mind adding it to my usual post-make-up regimen. Also, it has no problem taking out my very waterproof mascara!


Elbow & Heeling Smoothing Cream (Php 570) 

After all my travels recently, I noticed that my skin turned really dry. With all the walking and unpredictable weather while traveling, I guess it could not be helped. This Elbow & Heeling Smoothing Cream is heaven sent because it caters to my most dry areas. The product description states that it addresses cracked and painful heels and rough elbows.


I was surprised when I opened it because I found a blue gel, instead of a typical lotion type. The product is also made of rich Salicylic Acid but doesn’t smell horrendous! In fact, it smells clean like soap. While applying it, I noticed that it is also very light and only slightly sticky, similar to the Summer Shine Body Lotion. And after application, my elbows and heels instantly felt smoother.

I will definitely continue using this product to achieve my long lost baby skin, haha! Also, I realized how much this can save me on my monthly foot spas that only make my skin smooth for a day.


So happy I found this brand thanks to #SephoraSelected and wish I knew about it much sooner! If you’re not familiar with it too, I recommend you try it and view the other products they offer here. The products are not only affordable but effective based on my experience so far.

P.S. Yay for more beauty reviews! I’m learning a lot and hope you could give me your feedback on how else I can improve and/or what you want more of! Comment below! 🙂

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