Smart Nokia Lumia Launch

Before attending the I LOVE KOI Swimwear Fashion Show (blogged about it here), I attended the Smart Nokia Lumia Launch which was held at Republiq. 

There was a buffet! Yum!

KC Montero and Rhian Ramos hosted!

Andi9 was there too! She’s so pretty! Loved her dress and glittered pumps!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the Nokia Lumia (Blackberry/iPhone forever, lol), but when I was able to use and try it, I WAS IMPRESSED. I actually want to get my own (the white one, specifically, it’s so pretty)! If your looking for an alternative to the iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia is for you! It’s actually a much more handy and lighter version of the iPhone 4S. It’s also touch screen and it’s NOT the type of touch screen where you have to press really hard on the screen for it to work -__- It also has a 5-megapixel camera which is pretty cool too! It also has all your social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook. It’s also more affordable than an iPhone! For more information about the Nokia Lumia click THIS

You will really LIVE MORE with Smart’s Nokia Lumia! 🙂

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