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I’ve decided to post answers that I receive in Tumblr Ask at the end of every month to avoid spamming and to have a separate post for it. Although, for faster replies, it’s best if you comment on the post (DISQUS) because I can reply to them immediately. 🙂 

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I’m starting to love your blog. Its like you’re the younger version of camille co. =)) hmm, I think you’re from an all girl’s school. maybe assumption or miriam? =)
I am not deserving of this compliment! Haha! Thank you anyways! I can answer this question after I graduate! 🙂 
what lens do you use? 🙂
Been using a 50mm f/1.8 but recently got a new 50mm f/1.4! 🙂
hi sophie, you’re so pretty! you don’t even look like you’re 17! :O btw, do you know where to get simple themes like yours? pleaseee 🙂
Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Haha! I think Tumblr offers free pretty themes, but I got mine customized by Lai Reyes. You can contact her by emailing her at: laireyes.net@gmail.com 🙂

Hi Sophie! I love your blog, and I love your looks! Fanned in you in lookbook btw. Hehehe i hope your dreams come true! 🙂
Aww thank you so much! Hope so too! 🙂 
You replied! You did! *uuuu* I’m beyond happy right now. I swear. I will not only support your blog but also Sophie’s Mom. I’m wishing for the success of your business and I hop it will grow larger soon. And if ever it would happen, I would try my best to get a franchise. I promise. I know one dya you’ll be sophiemos, like so-famous. Thanks a lot for replying! *uuu*
Aww! Thank you so much! Haha! Sure, it’s the least I could do! 🙂 

Hi Sophie! Is this tumblr? Where’d you get your domain name? And did you make this theme? If not, from whom/where? I like it! 🙂
Yes, it is! godaddy.com! Thank you! I got mine customized by Lai Reyes. You can contact her by emailing her at: laireyes.net@gmail.com 🙂

Hi Sophie! Is it alright with you if I get a sort of idea/inspiration from the gown you just wore? Kasi I thought if it wouldn’t be alright with you. 🙂
Sure! Would love to see a picture of your gown after! 🙂 
ang coooooooooooool!! nakita ko blog moooo! sophie’s mom =D hellooo :>
Haha! Hello! 🙂
Hi Sophie! I’m Wabel from Sugar Coated, followed you hope you could follow back. Thanks dear! :))
Hi! Just did! 🙂 

You are so pretty and talented <3 It clearly reflects on your blog <3 You are definitely one of my favorites <3
Aww thank you so much! Warms my heart! <3
Hi Sophie! Did you take any photography classes? Your photos are awesome! 🙂
I didn’t really have any formal classes, maybe just one about the basics. I guess I learn through other photographers and tumblr photos! Thank you! 🙂
hi sophie!!! for the past few months, i am following your twitter and i read you passed all the good school in manila!! CONGRATS BTW!! so can i ask you… are you really the smarty smarty girl like you get into honors? HAHAHAHA!! sorry but im just too nervous coz ill be taking the entrance exams next yr!! and share your study tips too! 🙂
Haha! Thank you so much! I’d like to think I achieved those through hard work and of course, God! Only got into my school’s honors once! Haha! You can do it! Review classes during the summer sort of helped me, but don’t totally rely on it. Study for the exams  one or two months ahead so you don’t end up cramming and try to get away from distractions (I had a hiatus for Twitter for UPCAT). Do your best and study hard, and think that even if you don’t pass your dream school, you have no regrets because you did your best. Hope that helped and good luck! 🙂 

Follow me, please? 🙂 I love your blog! 🙂
Thanks! Just did! 🙂 

hi ate, you’re so puhriittyyy =)) can i ask what soap do you use because ur face is really makinis (envy ;____;) and why are you so puti =))
Haha! I don’t really like putting stuff/junk on my face like moisturizer, whitening etc. I just use Cetaphil. Um, I don’t know, genes I guess? Haha!
sophie… why dont you answer questions anymore? :((
Sorry about that! Will be answering questions at the end of every month now! 🙂
What’s your soon-to-be college course? 🙂
Business Administration in UP Diliman. 🙂

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I look up to you. I can’t believe you own Sophie’s mom! I mean, I’ve only been there once or twice and I fell inlove with your stookies. Hahaha! Really. Thank you for bringing those to the world. And just so you know, you will forever be my inspiration in succeeding in my career choice. 🙂

Aww thank you for your kind words! Thank you for supporting Sophie’s Mom! So touched to be one of your inspirations! <3
Anonymous asked you:
wer did you bought your black wedge?
Been getting this question a lot, I bought them online, but the store I bought them from is no longer alive. Sorry. 🙁
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