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Earlier this month, I got to try out THE PERFECT PINT for the first time ever. It was their 1st year anniversary and to celebrate this they launched new exciting, and I might add, exotic dishes to their already unique menu!

IMG_6468 For those who haven’t visited The Perfect Pint yet as well, it is a local gastropub that prides itself in offering homebrewed craft beers. It successfully promoted and embedded the craft beer and food pairing culture (which is not very common in the Philippines!) through suggested craft beer + sumptous food options matchings.

IMG_6452IMG_6453 The place’s ambiance is perfect after a long day at work or school. I actually went after a stressful weekday in school and found it such a good place to unwind.

IMG_6477 Tuna Tenders

First meal in and I knew it was going to be a very interesting night. It looks like your ordinary fish and chips dish, but those are actually tuna testicles. Yes, I didn’t know too. Because YOLO, I urged to try it. It has a very distinct taste and was not as bad as I expected. It’s meant to be paired with Joe’s Brew’s 34th Pursuit IPA, which has a hint of floral and citrus taste.

IMG_6479 The Holy Grail IPA 

The second served beer and Perfect Pint’s signature homebrew! I’m honestly not so much a fan of beer, but there’s something different about craft beer that makes it not so bad at all! Definitely something new worth trying! The owner actually said, “once you go craft you never go back.”

IMG_6481IMG_6483 Scotch Eggs 

The moment I laid my eyes on this dish all I could think was – deadly. And it was. This was also a good match The Holy Grail. IMG_6486 Crispy Corned Beef 

This is not your usual breakfast canned corn beef, but made of pure premium real beef. This has to be the ultimate comfort food; Martin couldn’t help but get more servings. IMG_6488 Bibim-dog

This is a chili dog – kpop version, lol. Suprisingly, this was actually really good. It was definitely not your ordinary hotdog sandwich with all the different flavors that mixed well together.


Pastrami Sandwich

Random fact: I used to be obsessed with pastrami sandwiches but only the ready-sliced ones you can find in the grocery. I have to say that this is the real deal. This sandwich was loaded with real meat and was so rich in every bite. Oh, and the fries were so good too.

IMG_6501IMG_6499 Medusa

The name speaks for itself, lol. Don’t be intimidated by the name or looks of it though, as it was quite addicting! It’s a pretty interesting take on crispy noodles with a hint of Thai spices.

IMG_6505 Baby Back Ribs

This is one of my favorites. The meat was so tender that it literally fell off the bone. This was also paired with Japanese-style mashed potatoes – you. have. to. try. this. Try guessing its magic ingredient too! 😉

IMG_6510Panna Cotta with Beer Caramel

Ok. This was what converted me to a beer-believer (lol, please don’t hate me). It was such a perfect mix of bitterness and sweetness. Not to mention, it’s a great light dessert after a heavy comfort meal!

IMG_6515 St. Francis the Bearded Regional Stout

Think beer x chocolate.

IMG_6516IMG_6521 Salted Egg Banana Fritters

Presentation wise, this was too pretty to eat. Salted egg caramel sauce + spun sugar + vanilla ice cream = ultimate comfort dessert ever.

IMG_6466 Overall, I really loved the whole philosopy and concept of Perfect Pint. Their new menu are great unique additions worth trying out! Definitely went home with a full and happy (beer?!) belly! Can’t wait to get back for another chill night out!

The Perfect Pint is located at 2nd floor, Crossroad bldg., 32nd street, BGC. For reservations, call 8231320.

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