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Pink is a color that is immediately associated with anything girly, sweet, and cute. It’s a color that simply expresses femininity. Growing up, I used to love and wear anything pink, but as I entered my twenties I have slowly shifted to neutral and muted colors. Since March is Women’s Month, I decided to embrace and celebrate this color again by wearing out this pastel pink cropped dress. If you’ve been a follower of my blog ever since, you would see how my style has greatly evolved. Five years ago, I would pair this dress with lots of bows and frills. Nowadays, less is more for me. I stick to the basics and let a few accessories do the talking.




Much like shoes, bags can make or break an outfit. Since it was just an ordinary day at the mall, I kept it casual with this Ever New satchel bag. The size and color is perfect! It looks tiny but it can fit a whole lot including my Fujifilm camera, make up, and phone. Whenever I shop for bags, I always always make sure my camera fits (I refuse to use a traditional black camera bag, lol). Finding a bag that’s not too bulky and fits my camera such as this is a gem!


DSCF6522-4DSCF6541-13 DSCF6537-11 DSCF6527-7


DSCF6522-4DSCF6508-3 DSCF6504-2


Gang and Glamour dress, Ever New bag, Apple watch, Comfit heels





























How would you style this dress? What do you think of my look? Comments are loved! <3


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