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I’m back! I finally had a LEGIT vacation in Korea, free from work! I don’t want to put off blogging about this because I might end up not having the time to blog about it, I might forget the details and memorable experiences from my trip and one day, I’d love to read these travel entries and remember them. 🙂 

Before anything else, let me ramble a bit (you can skip this part, if you want, lol). Korea has always been part of the list of my dream places to visit. One of the reasons why I fell in love with Korea is firstly because of their fashion and style. I think that my own personal style is greatly influenced by Korean fashion. I blame it on all the hours (I mean, hourssss) I used to spend on korean fashion window online shopping. I also love and really enjoy watching koreanovelas (don’t judge me, lol). It’s one of the things I look forward during summer: marathoning koreanovelas! Lol. What are your favorite koreanovelas? Suggest me some and I’ll try to watch them (hopefully during Christmas break? lol.) Because of Koreanovelas, I also fell in love with their language. I love how their expressions are exaggerated and so cute! Haha! Definitely one of the languages I would love to learn in the future. 🙂 I’m also a fan of SNSD! Hihi. Jessica & Yoona are my biases! #idols #peg. Fellow GG fans, who are your favorites? Haha! Anyways, sorry for the pretty long Korean fangirl ramble! I’m sure my fellow Korea-lovers will understand me, lol. 

(1. Sunset outside the plane, 2. New book to keep my company & Fayenesss sunnies, 3. arrival at Incheon airport)

We arrived in Korea late at night and it was soo cold (8 degrees). I didn’t expect it to be that cold. For dinner, we all just wanted something hot because of the freezing cold. Since it was pretty late already, we settled with a 24/7 restaurant nearby our hotel named, Pomato Spoon. It took us about 5 minutes just to order because nothing was in English and the waitress couldn’t speak English as well. The waitress was really nice and patient enough though and really tried to help us but we just ended up pointing at photos of dishes on the menu that looked yummy and had soup, to be safe.

I honestly don’t know what you call this dish (korean menu). It was different. I think that one of the best parts of traveling is the fun in exploring and trying out different types of food. This dish is one example. It was placed in an ordinary metal bowl. You’re supposed to mix all the contents and add soup. This was the first time I’ve tried this type of noodles. It’s glassy, jelly, and soft. The dish was also quite spicy; perfect for the cold! It was definitely a different experience, but I enjoyed it! Most of the Korean food that we ate throughout our trip was spicy and filled with a lot of vegetables. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Koreans are flawless and healthy?! Idk. Haha!

My sister’s order. She seemed to enjoy it! 

Anddd that’s my first post on Korea! What do you think? Hope you enjoyed reading! Would appreciate your comments! <3 Stay tuned for more travel posts! 🙂 

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