The colors of my outfit remind me of a vampire, hence the title! 

This is what I wore to my batch party. This dress that All Dolled Up sent me is heaven sent! When they announced that the dress code/theme was red, black and white, I knew that this dress was perfect for it! Thank you so much again All Dolled Up, you saved me! Haha! 

I love how this dress isn’t exactly too showy or intense. Perfect for my style!

Paired it with my reliable baby doll wedges. To those who have been asking where I got this, the online shop I bought it from is no longer alive. Sorry!

I know, I know, my background is so not appropriate. -__- Had no choice because I didn’t bring my camera to the party. 

What do you think of my vampire-ish outfit? Haha! 

Hype my look here

Click read more for more photos. 🙂

Credits to Tims for these photos! 🙂 

Combined scanned photobooth pictures with friends! <3

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