What a Journey It Has Been

Note: I don’t think this post can fully express how I feel about graduation. I’m not really good with words. But this is me trying.. 🙂

I still can’t believe I have graduated high school. Time really flies… fast. I feel like I’m still going to take the same route to the same school, see the same set of people, go to the same classroom, spend 8 hours with the same class, walk along the same hallways… and the list goes on. I guess it will start to sink in when school starts.. but I sort of don’t want it to sink in. 🙁

Get ready for post-sobbing + 4th year stress eyebags photos:  

I am so blessed to be placed in this amazing batch, Batch 2012, and meet these amazing people who have become my family and my home. Words can’t describe how amazing this batch is. I have to say that we are THE BEST BATCH EVER (sorry other batches, haha!). I am so blessed to be placed in this school, my home for 13 years, which has taught me so many lessons and gave me so many wonderful memories and experiences. My school and my batchmates, without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. In fact, just to let all of you know, there wouldn’t even be Sophie’s Mom without them! My batchmates were our very first customers and pretty much started the whole thing. I owe it all to them. 🙂

Now, I can say that everything (all those never ending schoolwork, stress, zombie Sophie mode, no weekends, etc.) was worth it in the end. And sometimes we actually do get what we deserve. 🙂

Of course, I also thank my family who put me in this school and who have been working so hard to provide me with the best education. Also for their patience and understanding, especially when I am stuDYING and stressed! Haha!

And most importantly, I am forever grateful to God! Because without him, NONE of this is possible. Thank You for being my strength, hope and inspiration throughout this long journey. 🙂

Batch 2012, I know things will change. Definitely. But I hope we’ll never forget who we are and continue to dare to be radical. As a line of our batch song goes, “Don’t say goodbye, we’ll see each other again.” Hope we’ll never lose that bond even after years apart. 🙂

I love you Batch 2012. Long live all the magic we made. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you. We will be remembered. 

Congratulations to my fellow graduates! Here’s to a new road! Here’s to COLLEGE!!!

P.S. Sorry for the semi-dramatic personal post! This is something I want to look back too one day. 🙂

P.P.S. My next posts are scheduled because I will be out of town for Holy Week. So just keep checking my site for new posts! 😉 

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