Yabu, I’m dreaming of you.

Right after our last exams, me and my friend Abby headed to SM Megamall just to try “Yabu,” which everyone seems to be raving about. For someone who loves Japan and Japanese food, Yabu was something I JUST HAD to try. Even if were stuck in traffic for an hour just to get to Megamall, it didn’t matter because it was SO WORTH IT! Read on to know why.

Yabu is located at the 2nd floor of Mega Atrium. The place was packed and was smaller than expected. I really hope they open a bigger and another branch in Makati soon!

Their super cool wall!

Manga comics on their other wall! Love their interior! <3

Me and Abs ordered their Chicken Katsu. It’s super sulit because the meal comes with miso soup, fresh fruits and unlimited cabbage. 


Good food = Happy Sophie

Started with hot Miso soup! Miso soup pa lang, me and Abby were dying! It was heaveeeen.

The glooorious Chicken Katsu. I love how it’s not oily (even if it’s fried) and how the chicken is crunchy and soft at the same time. Spell heaven. #foodgasm

The glorious sauce! Just look at that!

Rice never tasted this good.

Fresh fruits.

Sad though, we didn’t get free ice cream for some reason. 🙁

But still, I LOOOVE YABU! It really lives up to the hype and it’s worth your money! Just blogging about it now makes me willing to go all the way to Megamall just to eat there again! I want to try their Katsudon next! 

So what are you waiting for? Head to Yabu NOW! 🙂

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